By Ben Thompson | March 04, 2017

Moments ago at the O2 Arena in London, England, cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew made an emphatic statement in his heavyweight debut, defeating former champion David Haye via 11th round technical knockout. The fight was close in the early rounds until Haye appeared to slip on the canvas and suffer a leg/ankle injury. After that, it was all Bellew as Haye fought solely on heart just to make it as far as he did. Relive all the action in FightHype's round-by-round results!

Bellew circles. Haye lunges in with a looping left. Bellew tags him with a shot. Haye swings wildly and misses. Haye jabs to the body. Bellew circles. Chopping right lands for Bellew. Haye jabs to the body again. 1-2 lands for Bellew. Haye misses with some wild shots again. Bellew touches him with a right. Bellew fires to the body as Haye drops his hands. They trade hooks. Haye looking sloppy in there as he's fighting with too much emotion. Round to Bellew.

Haye 9 Bellew 10

Haye fires to the body. Right lands upstairs for Haye. Bellew fires his jab. Right from Haye lands, but Bellew shakes it off with no problem. Left hand lands for Haye,  but he eats a left from Bellew. Bellew backs up to the ropes. Haye fires to the body. Another jab to the body lands for Haye. Bellew looking to counter. Quick left lands for Bellew. Jab lands for Haye. Close round, but I give it to Haye.

Haye 19 Bellew 19

Bellew dances on his toes around the ring. Haye stalks. They trade jabs. Haye jabs to the body. A lot less action in this round. Bellew lands a jab upstairs. Another. Haye carrying his hands low. Chopping right lands for Bellew after a misses left hook from Haye. Haye jabs to the body. Round to Bellew.

Haye 28 Bellew 29

Haye misses with a right. Bellew circles away. Jab from Bellew. Haye jabs to the body. Hard right and a left lands for Haye. Bellew backs up. Haye misses with a combination. Jab lands for Haye. Left hook from Haye grazes Bellew. Bellew fires his jab. Jab to the body lands for Haye. Again. Bellew answers with his own jab to the body. Round to Haye.

Haye 38 Bellew 38


Quick 1-2 from Bellew to start the round. Counter fight from Bellew catches Haye off balance. Haye jabs to the body. Right hand lands for Bellew. Haye tags him with a few jabs upstairs. Haye continues to jab to the body. Right lands for Haye. Bellew answers with his own right. Left lands for Bellew. Good right lands for Haye. Bellew lands a left hook. They trade jabs. Round to Haye.

Haye 48 Bellew 47


Jab to the body from Haye. Again. Right hand from Bellew is partially blocked. Quick right lands for Bellew. Jab upstairs lands for Haye. Haye slips on the canvas and his leg buckles. He might be hurt. Bellew jumps in and slips to the canvas too. No knockdown. Both fighters trade big shots. Haye looks hurt. Bellew unloads on him and Haye goes down presumably from exhaustion or a leg injury. Haye swings again and goes down again likely from the leg injury. Haye against the ropes and Bellew unloading on him. Haye down again and takes the count. He's up. Bellew lands a massive right and the bell saves him. Haye limps to his corner. HUGE round for Bellew.

Haye 56 Bellew 57


Haye backs up to the ropes. Belelw unloads on him. Haye trying to defends himself, but Bellew just unloading everything. Right hand lands for Bellew. Haye still standing, but I don't know how. Bellew lands a series of right hands. Haye can barely stand. Bellew still firing. Haye tries to fire back. Bellew looking a bit tired. Haye rolls with punches against the ropes. Both men look exhausted. They trade against the ropes. Haye waves him. Right lands for Bellew. Another right and a left. Bellew continues to land. Haye tries to fire back. Left hand lands for Haye and a right. Somehow Haye survived and staggers to the corner. Round to Bellew.

Haye 65 Bellew 67


Haye smiling in his corner. He waves Bellew over to the ropes when the round starts. Haye gingerly walking forward with his hands down. Bellew peppers him with some jabs. Sloppy left from Haye. Right and a left lands for Haye. Bellew walks him down and lands a right. Another right lands for Bellew. More jabs from Bellew. Haye fires one of his own. Haye has his hands completely down and talks smack, but he looks exhausted. Bellew being patient as he peppers him from the outside. Round to Bellew.

Haye 74 Bellew 77


Haye hobbles around the ring and flicks out a jab. Bellew walks him down. Wild swings from Haye, but he misses. Bellew  lands some good body shots. Haye jabs to the body. More wild misses from Haye, but he's trying to fight back. Right lands for Bellew. Another. Haye backs up. Haye lands a right upstairs. Short right lands for Bellew. Left hook lands for Bellew. Haye lands a hard right that rocks Bellew followed by a low blow. A break in the action so Bellew can recover. Round to Bellew.

Haye 83 Bellew 87

Left hook from Haye. Bellew letting his hands go a little more. Good body shot lands for Bellew. Another. Haye lands a jab. Right and a left lands for Haye. Good right lands for Bellew. Another. Left hand land for Haye upstairs. Left and a right lands for Bellew. They trade jabs. Bellew gets a warning for hitting on the break. Haye tries to sucker him when the action resumes, but he misses with a wild hook. 1-2 lands for Bellew. Haye stumbles backwards. Jab lands for Haye. Round to Bellew.

Haye 92 Bellew 97


Some jabs from Bellew. Haye slowly shuffles around the ring. Good 1-2 lands for Haye, but Bellew ate it. Right lands for Bellew. Haye lunges with a wild hook and falls to the ground when he misses. Straight right lands for Bellew. Right hand lands for Haye. Good combination from Bellew sends Haye crashing through the ropes. He barely makes it up at 9 and that's it. The corner tosses in the towel as the referee reaches 10.


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