By Percy Crawford | March 20, 2017

"I'm going to move up to super middleweight and take all of the action there. I'm a strong dude and I can handle myself at that weight. I think I'll be even stronger at 168... I'm just looking to set myself up for a world title this year. I want to use 2017 to set myself up for a world title opportunity in the beginning of 2018 if it's possible. I'm focused on a world title right now," stated super middleweight Demond Nicholson, who talked about his future plans and much more. Check it out!

PC: You are now being managed by light heavyweight title challenger Thomas Williams Jr. I hear you're looking to get back in the mix of things. What's been up with you, my man?

DN: Man, everything has been good. I brought the New Year in and I came back to my home to train. It's nothing personal with the Head Bangers. I felt as though I learned enough with the Head Bangers to bring it back home and just come back to my roots. I decided to come back to my roots. I've known Thomas since the day I started boxing at 6 years old. He is well connected in boxing right now, so I felt like why not get back with Thomas. He's like my big brother, man. We slept in the same beds together during tournaments and everything.

PC: You are coming off of a draw against Immanuwel Aleem, who just won the WBC Silver title, so obviously you can fight and you also have 16 knockouts in 17 wins, so you can punch also. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

DN: A lot of people seen my power since I turned pro and they see that I can fight. I have heart. Now that I'm back home, it's time for people to see the boxing side of me. I'm not an inside fighter or banger or anything like that. I can do it if it's needed, but I'm a boxer, man, and it's time for people to see that side of me. I've been boxing since I was 6 years old and I was taught by one of the greatest trainers ever. A lot of people don't even know him, but his name is Marvin Simms. He trained fighters like William Joppy and Sharmba Mitchell, all boxers, and that's how he taught me and I just want people to see that side of me, the boxing side of me, and see me mix it up and stuff like that.

PC: You have been out of the ring for 8 months. Any word on your next move or are you and Thomas just getting to the drawing board since he became your manager?

DN: We've been to the drawing board recently. I just signed with DiBella Entertainment and Lou DiBella, which I'm very thankful for. I think he's going to move me very well and move me the right way and get me to where I need to be. Since I have been pro for the last 4 years, I haven't been with a promoter or nothing like that. I was just going off the strength of me selling tickets and being with the Head Bangers. Thomas did his job with me. He did his job very well. When I came back home, I just went into it blind and he was like, "Man, look, I'ma get you on." And I just had faith in him and he got me on.

PC: Are you competing at middleweight or super middleweight?

DN: That's another thing, I actually decided to move up to super middleweight. I was 165 pounds in the amateurs at the age of 14. that's 10 years of making 165 and now I was making 160 and it's becoming a little challenging for me to make that 160-pound mark, so I decided I'm going to move up. I'm going to move up to super middleweight and take all of the action there. I'm a strong dude and I can handle myself at that weight. I think I'll be even stronger at 168.

PC: Is there a specific timetable as to when you're going to get back in there?

DN: Hopefully, man, I'm looking at the end of April or some time in early May. April or May is what I'm shooting for. I haven't really heard anything yet, but Thom told me to be looking at April or May to be getting into the ring. I don't have a set opponent yet, so I'm just working, man.

PC: I was just about to ask you what kind of work you were putting into the gym right now.

DA: At first I had a date for March 25th. It was a local card here, so I was in full-fledged training. I was sparring 3 days a week, so I'm in fight shape right now. I toned it down some. Right now I'm staying sharp and in shape and running and swimming and doing things like that. I'm in camp right now; I'm just not going full-fledged because I don't want to burn myself out, so I'm just staying sharp and staying ready.

PC: Badou Jack just moved up, Lucian Bute seems to be on the other side of it, so there are some spots available for you to get in. I think the timing to move up is perfect for you.

DN: It's definitely wide open right now. I just got on with DiBella Entertainment and I'm just looking to set myself up for a world title this year. I want to use 2017 to set myself up for a world title opportunity in the beginning of 2018 if it's possible. I'm focused on a world title right now, but honestly I'm just focused on working my way up there. I have 19 fights and I could fight for a title in my next fight really, but at the same time, I'm not rushing; I'm just taking my time. I'm 24 years old, man. I'm just trying to build my resume and trying to be great.

PC: What did you take away from the Aleem fight? What did you learn when it was all said and done?

DN: What I took away from that fight is, honestly, a lot of people don't know, but me and Aleem fought each other 2 or 3 times in the amateurs. And when we fought in the amateurs, it was totally different from when we fought in the pros. So I just took from that fight that I need to stick to my game plan and stick to what I do and that's box, instead of sitting in the pocket and catching punches and ripping back. That's not me. So I took a lot from that fight; moreso that I'm a boxer and not a brawler or nothing like that. That's not me, so it was time to get back to myself and where I belong and that's being a boxer.

PC: When people see the knockout ratio, they won't think, "Boxer." You seem to want to remove the title of just being a puncher off of your name and really want to display your boxing ability.

DN: Exactly! It's a prime example, if you look up people like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali, they were boxers. They broke people down mentally and then knocked them out. They didn't just go in the ringÂ…I'm not a Mike Tyson. That's not me. I'm a boxer and when you boxing and you box someone, it's always that punch that they don't see that knocks them out, and I have that. I have that punch that someone won't see and it's going to hurt them, you know what I'm saying? I know I have the power to just walk to a man. So it's more so just me mixing it up and being a boxer-puncher than me just being a brawler. That's not me at all, man. And honestly, if you really look at it, the people that last in this sport are boxers.

PC: So you don't necessarily mind the knockout puncher title, you just want it to come after methodically breaking your opponents down.

DN: Exactly! Yeah, I'm definitely going for the knockout. I'm still shooting for the knockout, but I want to do it on my terms.

PC: I appreciate the time. I'm looking for big things from you and we will be keeping an eye out for that fight date. Is there anything else before I let you go?

DN: If anyone want to follow me on Instagram, they can at @D_BestAtIt, on Twitter @DBestAtIt, and on Facebook at Demond Dbestatit Nicholson Sr. Just follow me, check me out, and I'll keep everybody posted on my fights and stuff like that. I really appreciate it. I would like to thank DiBella Entertainment for welcoming me to the team and I would like to thank my big brother and manager Thomas Williams Jr.

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