By Percy Crawford | December 04, 2017

"Man, I see Shawn Porter and his father eluding all of the questions about Errol Spence and all of that shit. Come on, man, what’s really going on...To be honest, I think Thurman is probably a little more versatile than Spence. I would put Thurman, Spence and then probably Porter...Lamont is definitely going to give him some trouble," stated welterweight contender Karim Mayfield, who shared his thoughts on undefeated welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. Check it out!

PC: Man, I understand you got some things to get off of your chest. 

KM: Man, I see Shawn Porter and his father eluding all of the questions about Errol Spence and all of that shit. Come on, man, what’s really going on? You know, just about 2 years ago, they offered me that fight with Spence when he had fought...I forgot that dude name; it was like Greco or something like that. 

PC: Phil Lo Greco. 

KM: Yeah, I was actually supposed to get that fight. They offered me that first. Shit, it was literally like 4 or 5 days before the fight. They offered me a significant amount of money and I was like, "Let’s do it," you feel me? And on everything I love, they got back at me and was like, "His team don’t want the fight." The promoter was trying to make it happen, but his team didn’t want it and that was on 4 to 5-days notice. I mentioned that and Spence was like, "That shit never happened." I’m like, "Man, I swear on my life." And I told him, I’m like, "Bruh, I didn’t say that you ducked me, but yo team definitely did." They picked the other dude, Phil. He had been off for 2 years, he had a good record, but I guess it made more sense to them. But they definitely ducked me though for sure. I don’t feel no fighter is spooked, but shit, his team thought it wasn’t a good decision. Shit, I’m still looking for that fight. I still want that fight. I think styles make fights and I think my style make a good fight for him. 

PC: When you look at a guy like Errol Spence, who a lot of people feel like no one wants any parts of, why would you want to get in there with him?

KM: It’s a trip that you say that. I don’t know, because certain styles is just more compatible for mine. It’s more conducive to what I like to do. To be honest, he reminds me of Steve Urkel (laughing). That mentality, it’s like to go beat up this nerd. That’s all that is. He reminds me of Steve Urkel, the mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like he’s definitely a hitter dog. If we were comparing dogs, he’s a hitter, but I feel like he’s more so like a fucking German Shepard or a Doberman and I just feel like they ain’t never been able to fuck with no Pits [Pitbulls]. They ain’t never been able to fuck with no Pits. Doberman’s and Shepard’s are hitters, but them Pitbulls, once that shake lock, boy, it’s on. 

PC: Are you most comfortable at 147?

KM: It is. Most of my career has been at 47. I even fought as high as 54. I feel comfortable at 47. I just fought 2 weeks ago and I just feel like it was kind of easy to make. Not easy, but I guess that’s the experience of over the years you figure out stuff. But I literally didn’t have to dry out this time. I definitely could still make 40, but half of my knockouts came at 47 also. 

PC: The record of your last 3 opponents is 40-0, which I guess would explain why you are asking for a fight with Spence because that statistic alone shows your willingness to get in there tough. 

KM: Exactly bruh! And them motherfuckers robbed me like fuck in my fight before last against that Russian nigga. I had a good game plan, crowded that nigga. Nobody never been past the 2nd round with this nigga; he was talking about I wouldn’t make it past the 5th and I touched that nigga. The commentators had me winning like 8 rounds to fucking 2. Worst case scenario, I had 7 rounds to 3. But as soon as I heard it was a split decision...Virgil [Hunter] always told me that. "When you know you won a fight and you hear it is a split decision, expect it not to go your way." So as soon as they said it was a split decision, I was like, "Ah, fuck nah!" I knew it wasn’t going my way, even though I know I won and the commentators thought I won. I heard them, "You got Mayfield winning?" "Yeah, I got Mayfield winning 8 rounds to 2." "Yeah, I got him winning 8 rounds to 2 also." "I got him up 7 rounds to 3." I was like, "Okay, I’m feeling good." And then when they said split, I was like, "Ah fuck!" But that’s a good point, man. They got a combined record of 40 and fucking 0. And then take a year off and then come back with an undefeated guy with a 70% knockout ratio. I had the opportunity to pick who I wanted to pick because I was co-promoting this fight. I could have chose who I wanted to, but I was like, "Let’s bring this dude in." these motherfuckers don’t understand, I don’t even need a tune-up like that in my comeback fight. 

PC: Do you feel like Errol Spence is the best welterweight in the game?

KM: I do feel like he’s one of the best, for sure. I think Spence, Thurman, and Porter are definitely the top 3. To be honest, I think Thurman is probably a little more versatile than Spence. I would put Thurman, Spence and then probably Porter. 

PC: First thing first for Errol. What do you think of his fight with Lamont Peterson? Do you think Lamont can give him some trouble?

KM: Lamont is definitely going to give him some trouble. Lamont Peterson got a good, nice, tight defense. He got that Winky Wright defense and he comes to fight. He has never showed a weak chin or that he was afraid at any point, so it’s definitely going to be a good fight, but I see Spence breaking him down because he can’t take them shots to his arms and shit from somebody that’s punching hard. You can’t be sitting there taking that shit. You can take them shots from a lesser opponent, but you can’t take that from somebody chopping them arms up like that. 

PC: How would you approach a fight with Errol Spence?

KM: If you look at the fight where I was supposed to fight him, Lo Greco fucking had a good 3 rounds on him. I would do what he did for them first 3 rounds, but he was a last-minute replacement and he hadn’t fought in 2 years. It was a whole lot of controlled chaos (laughing). 

PC: You’re 36 years old now. What keeps you motivated and hungry?

KM: The people that I inspire for sure, but for the most part, the opportunities that come from boxing. Shit, that check for one, and also, I don’t feel like I’m losing a step. I don’t feel like I’ve been in any wars. Even in the 10-round fight I fought against the guy Dmitry Mikhaylenko in fucking Canada with 8-days notice, I went the whole 10 rounds and wasn’t even beat up, battered, or bruised. I didn’t win the decision because he had a high punch count. I was able to maintain, but with them 8 days, it was hard for me to keep up with that nigga punch count. But that nigga still didn’t whoop me, you feel me? So, I just feel like I haven’t really lost any steps at my age, so it’s like, shit, I still enjoy and love the sport. 

PC: How soon can we expect to see you back in there?

KM: We’re looking to do another fight towards February down here again in San Francisco.

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