By Percy Crawford | April 15, 2018

"It also helps with a lot of pre-concussion protocol. The reason I state that is because your brain will secrete a fluid that will help encapsulate your brain and it doesn’t move that much during training and things of that nature. It helps battle those concussions, which happen in training and during your fights," stated Brandon Lambert, founder of The Terphouse, who explained the benefits that fighters can get from CBD oil. Check it out!

PC: What are Terpenes?

BL: Terpenes are basically the oils inside of cannabis. Terpenes are everywhere. To kind of familiarize you with it, a couple of years ago, there was an essential oil craze, doTerra, and they had peppermint oils, eucalyptus oils that you can rub on your face and stuff. So those are terpenes and those are used for aromatherapy. Terpenes are what determines your high inside of your cannabis strains. So when you’re smoking your marijuana...that’s another thing I want to clear up too. Marijuana and hemp are two different things. CBD comes from hemp, which is low in THC, and THC comes from marijuana, which is high in THC. What determines your high in your indica, your sativa, and your hybrids is your terpenes compound. The different chemicals that gives it its taste or its smell also interacts with the cannabinoid receptors inside of your brain to help you receive that THC and give you that euphoric feeling that you’re feeling. So that’s what the difference is between your indicas and your sativas. THC is pure THC; it don’t matter where it comes from. It’s the same chemical. The difference is the terpene. That’s why I named my company “The Terphouse” and that’s how my company is different from anybody else’s because I use natural terpenes to open up those cannabinoid receptors inside of your brain and inside of your immune system. 

PC: What are some of the benefits of using CBD oil?

BL: Some of the benefits from it, it's cancer fighting. It’s been proven in clinical studies to capture cancer cells and generate the growth of red and white blood cells to help fight those cancer cells. It’s a good anti-inflammatory medication, so it will help with your blood flow and things of that nature. It’s also a really good anti-psychotic. And the reason that it works as an anti-psychotic is the way that CBD works basically helps balance your body's chemicals. It’s been actually proven in studies to help drug addiction as well. So basically what happens is it will...if you’re super high-strung...let’s say that you are ADHD and you’re super high-strung, it will actually bring you down to a level where people will think you’re depressed because you’re normally high-strung and all over the place and now you’re kind of mellow, so they’ll start asking you, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I feel perfect.” And then they’ll notice that you’re a lot calmer. The same thing with people that are shy and have anxiety. It will help balance those body chemicals to where you don’t feel the anxiousness. I’ve had a lot of people that suffer from anxiety take the CBD and they report back that they don’t feel as anxious, their heart isn’t racing as rapidly, and they are being able to remain a lot more at rest. I kind of want to go a little bit deeper into that. The reason that that happens is it will also help you fall into a deeper state of rest. It won’t help you fall asleep. It doesn’t make you drowsy, but what it does is it will help your brain secrete a fluid and it puts your body in a state of relaxation. So once your body falls to sleep, it stays in that state of rest and goes deep into it, so you wake up feeling more relaxed. 

PC: So just to clarify, this isn’t a sleeping aid or something you take to get drowsy and fall asleep. It strictly helps with sleep because of the relaxation it puts off.

BL: Yes. It’s what I like to describe as an enhancer. It enhances your sleep. 

PC: Fighters and athletes in general put their bodies through a lot during the training and recovery phase of their camps. You guys seem to be a fighter’s new best friend. 

BL: Yeah! You’ve got a lot of inflammation from all of the contact that is going on and it also helps with a lot of pre-concussion protocol. The reason I state that is because your brain will secrete a fluid that will help encapsulate your brain and it doesn’t move that much during training and things of that nature. It helps battle those concussions, which happen in training and during your fights. It’s also why it helps you sleep deeper because when you’re tossing and turning, you’re moving your brain around against the side of your skull, which causes contusions and things like that and it wakes you up. With CBD, it doesn’t happen because it encapsulates your brain about 3 to 4 hours after you’ve taken the dosage. 

PC: There is a list of banned substances on every commission’s do’s and don’ts board. Your products pass all of these restrictions, correct?

BL: Yes! I can safely say that “Terphouse” CBD is the only oil right now that I know of that can publicly say that has been through USADA and WADA testing per the banned list on CBD. In 2017 and before, there was a ban on cannabidiol and then in 2018, they lifted that ban on cannabidiol. So now you can have that substance as long as it doesn’t have any THC. The metabolites that they check for is the THC metabolites now. There are no risks of failing any type of test, whether you’re a fighter or a state employee. I have police officers and firefighters that use my oil on a consistent basis. 

PC: You guys have bath bombs, lotions, and oils. In your opinion, what’s the most effective way to get CBD into your system?

BL: Through our testing, sublingually is the best way, and I’ll explain that. Sublingually means it goes into the capillaries of your blood system and it doesn’t go through your digestive system. If it goes through your digestive system, it will eat off some of those potencies through the liver and kidneys and things of that nature. I also do not recommend vaping CBD. A lot of people are going to hate me on this, but CBD right now has a combustion point, a relatively known combustion point, of about 198 degrees Fahrenheit. E liquids and THC have a combustion point of 368 to 398 degrees, so by the time your E liquid gets to its combustion point, a lot of your CBD has already burned off and you haven’t even been able to vape it yet. So my company doesn’t provide CBD in vape form because of that reason. Until there is more research and studies to say that that is false, we’re not going to do that because we want to have the most effective product out there. So sublingually is the best and then your oral. Oral meaning your edibles and things of that nature. 

PC: You are very educated on your product and the topic in general. What was the process to getting “The Terphouse” going and why did you want to start this business?

BL: I was a Muay Thai practitioner for a number of years. I opened up a gym in Washington State and started passing out. I couldn’t figure out why. I got to studying and I went to the doctor and I find out that I had a, what they call an active brain aneurism, I was actually prescribed cannabis for my migraines and things of that nature. Through the study of that, I realized what the health benefits are and my passion through MMA and wanting to help people not have the condition I have. TBI’s, traumatic brain injuries, and CTE is rampant in our industry; in all sports. So my main goal is to basically get rid of addiction, pills, and things of that nature and get everybody to heal naturally. The process was I had to have a terminal life threatening disease or injury and I did studies to figure out how I could better educate myself because they just wanted to shove pills down my throat. When you take a pill, if it has a side effect that’s worse than what you are taking the pill for, that should be an indicator that you shouldn’t be taking that product. So CBD is the only medication on the planet right now that you can take and overdose on and it has no side effect. I’ll got to MMA gyms and I’ll do seminars and give education and as a demonstration, I will drink a whole bottle, a full 30ml bottle of CBD oil. I do it right before the seminar in front of everybody. I do my seminar after consuming an entire bottle. I challenge any medication company to take a whole bottle of their medication and do an hour seminar and see how you feel at the end. 

PC: King Mo speaks very highly of you guys and I’m definitely going to be getting some of your products in the near future. Let everyone know where they could find you guys and your products. 

BL: You can follow us on all social media, “The Terphouse,” Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can email any questions to and you could also long on to and get your order in right away. If you have any contacts to any fighters that are sponsored by “Terphouse,” talk to them and get their code and you can save 20% and help support their cause as well and help them through training camp and things of that nature. I encourage everybody to study up about CBD if you’re not familiar with it. Please don’t associate it with marijuana because that’s not the case. It’s not a substance that will get you high. I have a 6-year old daughter that takes it.

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