By Percy Crawford | April 16, 2018

"I got to show him that I’m the alpha male. When you let Demond Nicholson know that you’re the alpha male, he bows down to that. If you give him any glimmer of hope to gain any kind of confidence, he builds off of that. My thing is from the first bell on through, I’m coming to show who the alpha male is...That’s why I want to beat Demond Nicholson up so bad. I don’t even want to knock him out. I want to beat him up so bad...I want to make him quit," stated super middleweight contender Jesse Hart, who talked about his upcoming clash with Demond Nicholson. Check it out!

PC: We are in the month of April now, which is fight month for you. How is everything going?

JH: I’m good, Perc. Taking one day at a time. Training camp is going good. I’m in tremendous shape right now. If you asked me to spar 12 rounds tomorrow, I could do it. Physically, I’m in the best shape of my life. My dad and my uncle Fred is working with me on different things in the gym. My strength and conditioning coach, Wendall Chavis, man, he is a key asset to what we are doing. I’m talking about 4:15 in the morning, we’re up and by 7:00, we are done with our workout. I’m in tremendous physical condition, brother. Physically, I think I can move mountains. 

PC: Before your last fight, you talked about getting your power up and it showed. Is that the same mentality for this one or is it speed or something else you’re working on for this one against Demond Nicholson? 

JH: This time, we’re working on speed. This time, me and my dad and everybody in the gym is working on speed. We are in the gym working on speed. That’s the mentality this time. We are doing a lot of jumping rope, pushing my weight, and speed bag thing. We are working on getting my fast twitch muscles in tune. But if you ask me, I’m in great, great physical condition; great physical condition.  

PC: You feel Demond Nicholson is a good fighter, you just feel like he’s being rushed into a fight that he’s not ready for. Given the fact that you feel he is a good fighter, I’m sure that’s why you are taking your conditioning so seriously. 

JH: I’m not taking him for granted. My whole thing is when I get in there on April 28th, I got to show my presence. I got to show him that I’m the alpha male. When you let Demond Nicholson know that you’re the alpha male, he bows down to that. If you give him any glimmer of hope to gain any kind of confidence, he builds off of that. My thing is from the first bell on through, I’m coming to show who the alpha male is. Stay down! Don’t try nothing dumb because this night is going to go how it’s supposed to go. You’re going to lose. It’s not, do you want to lose, you’re going to lose. I’m going to make you lose. I want him to have that mentality. I don’t want him to have know how fighters get confidence and they see a little light and they try to build off of that; I’m a keep him in the dark the entire fight. He’s done. 

PC: Nicholson said his job is to spoil your homecoming and obviously, you’re on a mission to avoid that from happening. 

JH: My whole thing now, Perc, it’s not even about this homecoming anymore. It’s about Gilberto Ramirez is moving up to light heavyweight. A lot of people don’t know that, Ramirez is moving up to light heavyweight to fight Artur Beterbiev. People going to look at that belt and say, “I can grab it now!” No, when he leave, I’m the champion. If he ain’t going to defend the title, I’m the champion. That’s the statement I’m making to the division. I am the champion. I’m not worried about if he leaves or not. I am the champion. That’s why I want to beat Demond Nicholson up so bad. I don’t even want to knock him out. I want to beat him up so bad that people say, “That’s the champion now.” When Ramirez leaves, that’s the statement that I’m making to the division. It’s not even about the homecoming no more. I want everybody to know...because you know how fighters are, “The belt is vacant now.” No, it’s not, I’m the champion. Whoever comes and thinks they can just come in here, I’m stopping. Y'all seen what I did to Demond Nicholson on TV; this is exactly what’s going to happen to any man who tries to take what I got. And that’s that title. I’m the number one contender. I’m the winner-up and at the end of the day, I don’t even look at it like I’m the winner-up; I’m the champion. That’s how I’m looking at it and that’s what I’m sending out to the division. It’s not about the homecoming; it’s about making everybody in the division scared. I want them to have fear because when you have fear, you doubt yourself. 

PC: When the Nicholson fight was first announced, it sounded like it was personal for you. Now it sounds like it’s become a statement fight for you.

JH: Absolutely! When I see that Ramirez is moving up to light heavyweight and the title becoming vacant and I’m reading these interviews with Rohan Murdock talking about the title is going to be up for grabs, no it’s not. I’m the champion. Now whoever wants this belt, they are going to have to come see me. That’s how I feel. I’m already claiming it. It’s mines. Whoever think they got a slight chance, when they see this fight against Demond’s not even about Demond Nicholson at this point. I want to beat him so bad. I don’t even want to knock him out, I want him to quit. I want to make him quit. I want his handlers to make him quit or stop it for him. If I knock him out, I wouldn’t even be satisfied because people not going to see the full bludgeoning, the full beating, and the career-ending shots that I hit this boy with. I want to do something to him that will send a message to whoever is in the top ten in the WBO. Ramirez is leaving, he’s going up, and Jesse Hart is the champion. I want to beat him so bad, Perc. This is on my brother and my daughter’s life, I want to make him quit so bad to send a message to the division that says, “If you think for one second that this belt is up for grabs and it’s not mine, you’re wrong.” 

PC: Thomas Williams took offense to some of the things you said in our first interview. He tweeted that perhaps you were mad because this fight got made and felt you spoke his name more than your actual opponent. 

JH: Why would I be mad that the fight got made? I just said that “Top Dogg” don’t know nothing about managing nobody. It’s not even about him. I just spoke on his management skills. This isn’t about Thomas Williams. Who cares about Thomas a manager? You me, you got stopped in a world title fight. You got knocked out. You don’t have a half a chance when you get knocked out. Then, you get knocked out by Marcus Browne. Then, you had an okay performance because you got dropped and got up, got dropped and got up against Edwin Rodriguez and knocked him out. And in your last fight, you got dropped like 3 times and lost to Torres. I just said don’t make the bad moves as a manager. I gave him a pointer. That’s all, Perc. Thomas Williams is my man. Don’t get it twisted. He’s an okay dude. We were in the amateurs together, but at the end of the day, Perc, I just said, “Yo, this ain’t a good fight for your guy." There is nothing wrong with me saying I think he’s rushing his guy. It ain’t even about that, Perc. I’m just saying, if you wouldn’t have rushed the kid, we probably could have saved him. If you got the connections with Al Hyamon and PBC, why not take them gambles? You got Caleb Plant and the Dirrell Brothers. You got different guys who you could’ve fought and it wouldn’t have been this bad if you got the Al Haymon connections. But when you pick me and you bring him in somebody’s backyard and against a hungry fighter...this is not just anybody’s backyard. This is a hungry fighter who wants the world respect. 

PC: Do you almost feel disrespected that this fight is happening because you feel they went out of their way; Top Rank fighter from Philadelphia and the fight is taking place in Philadelphia?

JH: That’s what I feel. I feel disrespected. Y'all going to bring him to Philadelphia? And y'all going to pick me? First of all, y'all picked me and then you going to bring him into my backyard? Y'all gotta think it’s a game, so now, I’m going to make an example out of you. You are going to be the example. It’s a different type of mentality, Perc. You got to be out your mind or you think I’m a joke or a gimmick. I’m not playing. 

PC: It sounds like you’re ready to fight right now. I can’t wait for this fight. Good luck to you and we will catch up afterwards. Is there anything else you want to add?

JH: April 28th, if you can’t be in Philadelphia at the Liacouras Center, then tune in to ESPN and watch the future of the middleweight division, Jesse Hart. I’m coming! Tune in to ESPN on April 28th and I’m going to show y'all something you’ve never seen before. I’m going to give y'all something to talk about. I appreciate FightHype, the #1 boxing website in the world. I love y'all to death, man. Y'all always get my interviews out there. I appreciate this interview and don’t forget the date, April 28th, you don’t want to miss this one!

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