By Percy Crawford | June 25, 2019

"It’s too much stuff going on in boxing, man, to be getting in the ring and not knowing. Nobody should have to work on the honest system and nobody should trust somebody that’s trying to do bodily harm to them that much where they don’t stick a simple needle in their arm," stated Stephen "Breadman" Edwards, world-class trainer of unified jr. middleweight champion Julian Williams, who shared his thoughts on the use of PEDs in boxing and their requirement for all future opponents to submit to VADA testing at least 3 months prior to a fight. Check it out! 

PC: PEDs, we have had this conversation to nausea. With Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller's recent mishap, does this add to your concerns?

SE: I don’t mind you asking me about PEDs, Perc, because you are one of the only media members that even have the heart to ask about that kind of stuff. Most guys don’t even ask about it because they feel like they going to lose certain access to certain fighters if they ask about it because we kind of know who does stuff and don’t do stuff. Secrets are hard to come by. I’m not going to single out Jarrell Miller. I don’t know the whole situation. I don’t have a heavyweight, so I haven’t been paying too much attention to it. I have just heard what everybody else heard, but I will just make a general comment. Top fighters fight two times a year. There are 12 months in a year, so if you fight twice a year, that’s an average of every 6 months. If you get suspended for 6 months, you only miss, really, one paycheck. So it’s not that deep. Look what Canelo did. If you remember, when Canelo got suspended, he took off, came back and fought Triple G, and then he hurried up and fought Rocky Fielding so that he could make up for that paycheck that he missed. It’s not that deep.

If they really want to stop PEDs, I’m going to tell you the real way to stop it, Perc, and nobody never touches on this; make the fighter tell where they got them from. That’s all you gotta do. That will end it. Every time a dude gets busted on PEDs, he comes up with this elaborate excuse, so make the fighter tell where he got it from. That man didn’t trip and fall on three different PEDs. Somebody had to give it to him. Most fighters most likely didn’t go to college. They don’t know how to cycle on and off, they don’t know how to give themselves injections, and they don’t know how to taper off of this stuff. So if you make the fighter tell where they getting this stuff from, then the dealers will get outed. But what’s going to happen, Perc, is those dealers are going to start outing fighters who haven’t been caught. They going to start saying, “Okay!” Here is the thing, it’s not illegal to do PEDs; it’s banned. It’s two different things. Nobody’s going to go to jail for giving nobody testosterone or EPO. It’s just a banned substance. It’s banned from a sporting event. Old dudes take testosterone all the time. If they start making the fighters tell and they start charging these dudes with assault for getting in the ring and doing this, it will stop. You can stop anything if you make the punishment severe enough, period.

PC: Do you feel like they almost don’t want to stop it though?

SE: 100% they don’t want to stop it. They don’t want to stop PEDs. When I say, “they”, I’m not saying anybody in particular. In general, it’s obvious because if you want to stop something, you just make the penalty harsh enough to where it’s not worth trying. How is it so’s not that bad to lose one paycheck when you’re only fighting twice a year anyway. If you make the penalty harsher, people won’t think it’s worth the risk. If not, it becomes worth it to them because it gets them to a certain level. And again, I don’t know the young man [Miller], but that’s pretty vicious to have all of that stuff in your body.

But as you know, Perc, and I’ve always said it, there are things that I know that I can’t speak on, but I have always said it. A lot of the boxing community turns a blind eye to PEDs and if everybody found out who was on them, your favorite fighter’s favorite fighter won’t be your favorite fighter anymore. It’s just the way it is. It’s ugly. What are you going to do? I’m just one person. Somebody at the top has to step up and really take a better look at the punishment for using PEDs. If not, it’s going to be worth it. Look how close Miller was to getting that payday. Does anybody really think that was the first time he ever tried it? And look how close he was to getting that kind of a payday. A guy says, "I’m going to use PEDs and I’m going to use it all through my contender status. Even if I don’t win a title, I can get a 7-figure payday out of this deal and then I’m good." That’s what’s happening and it’s brutal, man.

Let me tell you something, there is a lot of power in the pen. I blame a lot of this stuff on the media. I do because they pick and choose. If a guy gave you access or he slips you a couple of dollars and he’s helping your YouTube likes or whatever, they won’t mention certain things about PEDs to certain guys. It’s not cool. When it comes down to that, man, you gotta be 100% objective and you gotta be fair. I may sound like I’m taking up for "Big Baby" Miller, he was supposed to fight on DAZN; I’m not taking up for him, but they talk about him and call him a cheater, but Canelo got a $350 million contract after he cheated, but because he’s a bigger star, it’s like, alright, we can shit on, Miller, but Canelo failed two tests and he failed three. I’m not making this no racial thing, but I just feel like it’s gotta go across the board. If there is something funny about a guy, a guy is having weird performances late in his career, if a guy misses a test, anything, you gotta have enough heart to say, “Yo bro, what happened?” You gotta be able to stick a mic in his face and say, “What’s going on, man? You looked like a million bucks and then you got tested and you looked average. Why is that? Was it the opponent?” Nobody in the media has the heart to say that kind of stuff. You have guys that look like killers when they don’t test and then when they test, they look average. Then you have guys that have big fights and they don’t never ask for testing. Don’t nobody in the media say...I mean a simple question is, “Yo, are they doing any testing for this fight?” How hard of a question is that? Why would any clean fighter get offended by the question? Are y'all doing any testing for this fight, and if so, when did it start? The media is a big reason why PEDs are what they are in this sport. I’m going to keep saying it. When the wrong guy loses to a person on PEDs, that’s when it’s going to stop. 

PC: I asked those questions to get to both you and Julian Williams’ post on social media. You guys said moving forward, if you want to fight Julian, you have to be willing to subject yourself to specific testing. Could you elaborate on that?

SE: Well, basically, whoever we fight from this point on, they are going to have to test for at least 3 months with VADA. Not just being in the clean testing program, but full testing. If they don’t, then it’s not going to be a fight. It’s just that simple. There won’t be an argument, there won’t be any debate, it just won’t be a fight. But I want to give Team Hurd credit. We didn’t ask for a lot in negotiations; we knew the fight was going to be in May. I contacted his trainer in February and I asked them to test and they tested. So I give them 100% props and credit for that. In the rematch, it’s going to be the same thing. I’m hearing that he wants a rematch. I’m assuming the rematch would be some time in November or December. Around July or August, he’s gotta call up VADA and start testing or we’re going to move on to somebody else. Boxing is too dangerous of a sport to be fighting without strict random testing, period. That goes to anybody. That’s not to anybody specifically; just any future opponents.

Fighters can choose to do what they want and we choosing to do what we want. When you get to a certain position...the last time we fought, we were the B side, so we had to kind of conform to all of their demands. He made more money, we had to go to his town, and his date, and whatever, whatever, whatever. And that was the only thing we asked for [testing]. It was an 18-foot ring, Perc; I didn’t even complain. I didn’t even talk about it. All I wanted was the testing. I knew the ring would be small because he was the guy that everybody thought was the stronger guy and bigger puncher. All I wanted was testing. I feel the same way now. Whoever we fight, they gotta test. It’s too much stuff going on in boxing, man, to be getting in the ring and not knowing. Nobody should have to work on the honest system and nobody should trust somebody that’s trying to do bodily harm to them that much where they don’t stick a simple needle in their arm. And whoever gets offended by that, you gotta question their character and what they’re doing because there’s no reason to be offended by that. 


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