By Paul Magno | March 14, 2024

Every Thursday here at FightHype, I pull out my gigantic, bulbous, bulging sack and give truth-minded boxing fans a gander. This week, I shoot ropes of truth all over comments/questions regarding Canelo-PBC truth, Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson, and props to Anthony Joshua.

Canelo/PBC, Paul/Tyson, Props to AJ

Almost every media outlet announced the news that Canelo had left PBC. They cheered as if that was the best boxing news of the year. But regardless of Canelo's promotional affiliation, they completely overlooked the fact that Canelo had no intentions of fighting Benavidez this year. In a perfect boxing world, that should've been the main boxing headline. However, everyone is too entrenched in the business and economic fandom of boxing promoters and networks. I've resigned myself to the fact that people don't really care about the matchmaking as much as they care about who's writing the check for the matchmaking.

On the flipside, the party was over when it became official that Canelo would still be fighting on PBC. Just to save face, most referred to it as Canelos' return to PBC. Even ESPN referred to the fight as a Canelo PBC reunion.  Even the online sleuths/trolls/wannabe journalists made it seem as if he was coming back after leaving.  The bottom line is that he never left!

The fact that Canelo is fighting Munguia under the PBC banner goes to show that Matchroom never had his signature. Matchroom's boss ran his mouth and made it appear as if he had solidified a deal with Canelo. It couldn't have been further from the truth. In addition, he went on a rant against PBC as to how they're screwed because they don't want to work with anybody. However, Canelo’s fight on PBC is being co-promoted by Golden Boy promotions. Which was also another lie from Matchroom boxing

What do you think about Iron Mike v Jake Paul? I like it! Anytime Iron Mike gets in the ring I'm all eyes and ears, it's been that way since I was kid!

The news of Mike Tyson v Jake Paul. Oh my god! The media and promoters are trashing this fight as if Jake Paul isn't the monster that they created. Every boxing outlet has covered this guy ever since he stepped foot in the ring. Now that he's fighting Mike Tyson and Netflix is involved everyone wants to cry wolf! Are they crying because they're concerned with Mike and Jake's health? Or are they nervous because Netflix is taking a shot at boxing and they're not involved? Meanwhile the leadership at Matchroom has something negative to say about this event too. The last time that I checked the first company and network to ever promote an influencer boxing match was Matchroom and DAZN, when Logan Paul fought KSI back in 2019. 

Lastly, props to Anthony Joshua for holding it down for Sweet Science! He did what Mayweather and Fury failed to do! He showed the world the fundamental difference between boxing and MMA.

– Na'-il Rahman

Hey Na'-il.

You touched on just about everything. 

What’s funny in this whole Canelo/PBC situation is that we don’t really know if Canelo ever even walked away from PBC. We don’t know to what extent this story had its blanks filled in by those intentionally pumping misinformation into the public discourse to serve any agendas they may have. 

And since the PBC folks don’t do their business in public and don’t generally comment on business-related issues, those who aren’t limited by similar decorum can just run a train on reality and shape the narrative as they see fit. 

I get where PBC is coming from in all of this. But I think it would also suit their needs if they would get ahead of things like this and offer up their perspective before stories gather momentum and bathe the company in doubt and derision. When there’s a lack of information, misinformation tends to fill that void, especially in this case where the company’s biggest detractors just happen to be media people working for the direct competition. 

You’re right, the story SHOULD be David Benavidez being passed over. “Ducking” was certainly the primary issue with Floyd Mayweather back when he was fighting. But, again, the PBC’s direct competition literally owns and/or funds major media outlets/voices and, so, the narrative will always be established by unfriendly sources.

It’s debatable whether this stuff even matters anymore, in a boxing world where fans have learned to disregard their media. Even with the rampant misinformation and stories of their demise, PBC still put on last year’s most commercially successful shows. But I have to believe that it can’t be a good thing to constantly have your brand run down, dragged through the mud and for doubts to constantly be circulating about your long-term viability as a company. At some point, rolling with the punches has to turn into actual punches thrown.

I wouldn’t say that I’m excited for Jake Paul-Mike Tyson, but I also don’t mind it. It is what it is-- just a bit of side fun that really doesn’t affect the day-to-day goings on of “real” boxing. It’s bonus material. The reason that the media and promoters are up in arms and clutching their pearls is because this seems to be something entirely within the Netflix-Paul-Tyson world and there doesn’t appear to be any money in this event for anyone else. You can bet if these people saw the possibility of some paychecks coming their way, they’d change their tune and be singing the praises of Netflix boxing, just as they’re doing now with Saudi Arabia and did back when DAZN was first starting out and courting the affection of media. This stuff is always about money. If/when Netflix starts handing out some gigs for boxing people, you can bet that the narrative will change.

Yeah, definitely...Kudos to Anthony Joshua. Boxers are too respectful and too reserved in dealing with MMA fighters in these crossover bouts. A half-serious Mayweather carried Conor McGregor for the whole fight until Conor gassed and a quarter-serious Tyson Fury was trying to do the same with Francis Ngannou, but got clipped and was made to look like a jackass. Boxers need to affirm their dominance in their own sport. But, then again, if they did do that, we’d probably see fewer MMA fighters wanting to make these big money bouts. 

Ryan Garcia: Crazy Like a Fox or Just Plain Crazy?

Hi Paul.

I’m a big fan of yours and a first time mail sack writer. 

I know you’ve addressed this before and you’re probably getting a lot of this, but what the hell is going on with Ryan Garcia? I see it one of two ways. On the one hand, he could be having a serious mental breakdown. On the other hand, could this all be a ploy to psych out Devin Haney and get him out of his game? Is there more to Garcia than meets the eye?

-- Javier

Hey Javier.

No...I think there’s probably less to Ryan Garcia than meets the eye, lol. My current take on all this craziness is that this is probably just who he is and that he’s come across some new hanger-on in his circle who is encouraging this kind of public behavior. If this is some sort of odd stab at whipping up publicity for the Haney fight, I fail to see how any of this weirdo shit is going to encourage ticket or PPV sales. I also fail to see how any of this is going to psych out Devin Haney. Maybe Devin will be afraid of Ryan conjuring demons to attack him in the ring? If anything, Ryan is just putting himself further and further away from the state of mind needed to win a big fight like this.

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