By Percy Crawford | May 07, 2009

"Yeah, to be honest with you man, I think Lil Floyd would toy with Pacquiao. He would toy with Pacquiao and Marquez. He's going to toy with Marquez," stated world-class trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. as he shared his thoughts on his son's return to the ring. "They are both too small for me. I'll beat both of them," Mayweather Jr. shouted in the background. Check out what both father and son had to say as the Mayweathers reunite to discuss Pacquiao, Hatton, Marquez and much more.

PC: What's up my man? What are you up to?

FM: I'm just here talking to my son.

PC: Oh, you're at the gym?

FM: Nah, we're in a hotel room just talking.

PC: That's good man.

FM: Yeah, everything has been in tact lately man. I'm getting older and traveling a lot man and I don't have time for all of that stuff man. We're here talking.

PC: That's the athlete right there that you should be training or helping train for a possible Pacquiao fight.

FM: Yeah, to be honest with you man, I think Lil Floyd would toy with Pacquiao. He would toy with Pacquiao and Marquez. He's going to toy with Marquez.

Mayweather Jr. (in the background): They are both too small for me. I'll beat both of them.

PC: What is Lil Floyd walking around at right now?

FM: Lil Floyd is walking around at about 150.

PC: So you think both Pacquiao and Marquez would be a walk in the park?

FM: Oh yeah man!

PC: I've been answering text messages and emails since the Hatton fight about how Pacquiao is this unstoppable force.

FM: Man, please! I'm telling you, Lil Floyd would toy with him. Hatton just wouldn't take instructions.

(Mayweather Jr.): It's just like when everybody was saying Diego Corrales was going to do this and that to me and look what happened. I'm tired of having to prove myself.

FM: Erik Morales was over the hill and he outboxed Pacquiao in their first fight so you know Lil Floyd could outbox him!

PC: You know you're getting blamed on the message boards for Hatton's loss.

FM: How the hell am I to blame when the man wouldn't listen? I only had one round to give him instructions because he never even attempted to execute the gameplan. I told himÂ…did you hear the instructions I gave him?

PC: Yeah, you told him to keep his hands up, move his head and work behind the jab.

FM: Thank you! I told him to work behind his jab because he wasn't just going to walk this guy down man. Ricky even said it wasn't my fault. He told me that after the fight. He knows that wasn't my fault. He wouldn't keep his hands up and I begged him to keep his hands up. He had no head movement whatsoever.

PC: I think Ricky may want to think about hanging them up.

FM: I agree with that what you just said and I told him that. I really think he needs to think about possibly retiring.

Mayweather Jr.: I know Oscar wish he had that fight with Pacquiao back and changed his corner and had you in there.

FM: Oh yeah! Oscar would have done a lot better. Pacquiao is far from unbeatable man; trust me!

PC: You're also taking some criticism for not being around Hatton after he was KOed.

FM: Man, people say what they want to man. I was there for a little while, but what the hell was I going to do. He needed medical attention. The doctors were going to move me out of the way anyway, so I cleared a path so they could get to Ricky. That's just people looking for anything. Hey Percy, my phone is about to die any second now man so I don't want to lose you.

PC: I'll let you go my man. I just wanted to holla at you. I'm really glad to see you, Roger and Lil Floyd together my man!

FM: Thank you Percy. Everything is good my man. Take care!

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