By Ben Thompson | September 15, 2009

"My honest opinion, I believe he's on some kind of supplements. Pacquiao, he is, if you see him now, he starts doing his stuff like this [shaking his head] all in front of the TV, you know what that's about...personally, myself, I don't think he can beat Lil Floyd with steroids in him or not. I just don't think he got...he don't have that kind of talent. He don't have that kind of skill, you know. Whatever he got in him, that's what they doing right now, man," stated world-renowned trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. as he shared his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao in a recent interview with Josh Slagter of the Grand Rapids Press.

Currently helping his son prepare for his return to the ring this Saturday, Mayweather Sr. claims Pacquiao is just one of many fighters who are getting away with the use of performance enhancing drugs. "Everybody should be checked, I think. I think everybody should be checked a little bit more thoroughly than the way they checking them now because sometimes, some of them are sliding through man and sometimes, people will know what's going on and they ain't saying nothing," he added.

Although he didn't elaborate on any other names, Mayweather Sr. made sure to mention the current pound-for-pound champion, who many believe could be the first to hand Mayweather Jr. a defeat. "I think they really pushing Pacquiao a little bit too much, even if he got roids in his body. Sometimes, when somebody got roids in they body, they still...they think that mainly, they just gotta hit you because of the power, you know? The steroids ain't going to make them no faster, it's going to make them relentless. It's going to make them relentless and strong and hit hard, but that's it. It ain't gonna put no knowledge in your head," Mayweather concluded as he reiterated his belief that skills pay the bills and no matter what supplements any fighter is using, it's no subsititute for intelligence inside in the ring.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, obviously, the accusations of steroid use by Manny Pacquiao are unfounded. How and why the topic of Manny Paquiao and steroids was brought up in the interview is unknown, but it's clear that Mayweather Sr. is still unimpressed with the accomplishments of the Filipino superstar.

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