By Ben Thompson | December 23, 2009

"It's like this; it's like any blood test anywhere else in the world. Most of the time, they only have to prick your finger. That's all they need. Because see, the stuff that Manny might be taking can't be traced through urine, so they gotta do it through blood because it goes directly through your blood stream," stated world-class trainer Jeff Mayweather, uncle of undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., as he shared his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao's reluctance to agree to Olympic-style random blood testing. According to Jeff, there's far too much money on the table for the highly-anticipated clash not to happen over something as trivial as random blood testing.

"I mean, when you have a guy that comes up with some mythical superstition, what the hell is that? We talking about 40 million dollars involved. It makes no sense," Mayweather would tell FightHype's own Percy Crawford. "This is one of the biggest fights in history ever; not just of this time, but of all time as far as the money and something as simple as a blood test could make a fight this big not happen? That means that you have something to hide."

Mayweather insists that despite what fans of either fighter may think, when it comes to ensuring a level playing field for a fight of this magnitude, both fighters should be willing to adhere to the more stringent testing policies. The fact that Pacquiao is unwilling to comply raises even more concern for Team Mayweather. "If you're not dirty, you wouldn't have an issue with it either. What difference does it make if you're not guilty of anything? You would do whatever it takes to prove that you are not guilty. You would take a lie detector test or whatever it is that needs to be done; then that's what you would do," he added. "He's coming from 108 pounds and is actually destroying these guys that have fought at these higher weights and are good fighters. I don't careĀ…even if you are a Pacquiao fan, you gotta question that. Of course the loyal Pacquiao fans are not going to be honest in their assessment. They're going to say that he's this and he's that. Okay, if Manny is this and that, why don't he simply just take a blood test? It's that simple."


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