By Tony Naemi | December 26, 2007
CYRIL ABIDI: recently caught up with K-1 superstar, French Kickboxing Champion and Muay Thai World Champion Cyril "Marseille Bad Boy" Abidi and you don't want to miss what he had to say as he shares his thoughts on his toughest opponents, his feud with Jerome Le Banner and much more. Check it out!

TN: Cyril, first let me say thank you for taking the time out to speak with me. How are you doing?

CD: I'm okay.

TN: What are you up to nowadays?

CD: I train at 50% to keep in good shape. When I have a fight date, I'll train at 100%. Now, my health is okay, especially my feet, so I can train hard and fight too.

TN: You've stepped in the ring with the best fighters in the world. Who was your toughest opponent?

CD: Toughest this level...they all are. It also depends on my situation when I fought them. When you're injured, some opponents seem harder than they really are. I can say that Hoost, Aerts, Ignashov, Bonjasky, Sefo were the toughest...

TN: Is there anyone you'd like to face?

CD: Nobody in particular. I take the fights as they come.

TN: You have a fearlessness that most fighters cannot match. Where do you get this from?

CD: I'm not fearless. It's important to be conscience of the danger, but when I go up in the ring, I have a job to do: to beat my opponent. My fans love my fighting style. They pay to see me fighting like that and I like to give more than 100% of myself, even if my trainer (Didier) would prefer a different strategic way of fighting. In France, we say, "Ca passe ou ca casse" and all my life is like that too: Ca passe ou ca casse! (Note: Roughly translated, the phrase means "it passes or it breaks" or "sink or swim".)

TN: What caused the rivalry between you and Jerome Le Banner? Is everything okay now between you two?

CD: It's a long story. Jerome Le Banner is a bigmouth. I had to show him that he has to assume the responsibility for everything he said everything he did. Nothing is really finished. I don't care about him...he left me indifferent. I don't care, BUT!! If I heard something about me from him, he'll get my visit and he knows that.

TN: What's something your fans would not normally know about you?

CD: I have a normal life. I'm not an actor. The way you see me in the fight is the way I am!

TN: What's next for you?

CD: I made a big bakery in Marseille and now I take care of several businesses too. This is when I don't train at 100%. When I have a "serious" proposition from FEG, I'll prepare myself for a good fight as I'm not injured anymore...or maybe another serious organization.

TN: Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

CD: When you choose to do this kind of sport, or anything else in your life, GIVE YOUR 100%! When you're honest with yourself in your life, you're honest in the ring. Enough people watched the last K-1 World Grand Prix to understand who's honest in his own life and who is not. I don't need to say any names, just watch stop in the middle of the final because you're scared...shitty man! (Note: The last comment refers to Jerome Le Banner who was unable to continue in his fight wih Semmy Schilt due to a leg injury. Abidi believes that Le Banner, worried about suffering severe damage to his injured leg, willingly asked his corner to stop the fight; an act that is frowned upon and considered unacceptable by the warriors who compete at such a high level of the sport.)

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