By Percy Crawford | March 04, 2008

"I'm going to snatch crown after crown in big cities and small towns as long as they allow me to participate and I can't wait," stated MMA welterweight Shonie Carter as he discussed his future plans and his upcoming April 12th fight against John Cronk. Check out what else he had to say as he shares his thoughts on Anderson Silva, Andrei Arlovski, Brock Lesnar fighting Mark Coleman, his experience on BET's "Iron Ring Fighting" reality show and much more. You don't want to miss it.

PC: Shonie, man, it's been awhile. You got a minute?

SC: Let's do the damn thing.

PC: What's good with you man?

SC: I can't say too much. I just got back from the Arnold Classic. It's the same old grind. I'm trying to be famous...well, rich and famous, not famous and broke.

PC: Any word on when we're going to see you fight again and at what weight class?

SC: Yeah, I'm fighting April 12th. I know the fans are anxiously waiting and wondering if I'm retired. I'm not retired, I'm just really tired. I'm fighting April 12th and I'm fighting John Cronk again and if ya'll don't know, I split him to the white meat when I fought him in King of the Cage. I did two fights that week. I fought John Cronk on a Monday and I fought Buddy Clinton on a Friday. I'll be fighting John for a title belt in the WFC in either Denver or Arizona; somewhere in the fine United States.

PC: What weight class will this be at?

SC: I will be fighting at middleweight. John can't make 170. There's no sense in making him cut weight to get his head cracked open again. I'll crack his head at 185.

PC: I saw you in New Orleans for the BET show. How did you like that setup?

SC: Man, you had rappers coming from behind the mic trying to talk tough about the fights. You had those guys walking around like they were running things. Lil John was cool, but Rick Ross was too damn cool for his own good. He should be called "Chilli". He just too damn cool. Luda was alright, but you know what's funny?

PC: What's that?

SC: Other than Rick Ross, you got guys like Juelz Santana and I thought they were big. I ain't the biggest man in the world. I'm 5'9, 190 pounds, but they little. They can where a small or medium and it would be baggy. I want to see how tall 50 Cent is. He wears a bulletproof vest. I want to see if he's wearing a kid's bulletproof vest or a grown man's. It was pretty cool. They want me to do an MMA thing with the Latino brothers this weekend in South Beach. I'm all about it because my Spanglish is bad enough to get the una television Telemundo. I'll get a Dominican if she cute enough. I'm all about that.

PC: I heard you were out there in Ohio for the Arnold Classic and you attended UFC 82 as well. What did you think about that card?

SC: Honestly, I was making rotations around the stations filling out applications with high expectations. I have to tell you, I didn't have too much anticipation because I knew what the outcome was going to be. Suckas didn't want to listen to me, but I tried to tell people that the fight wasn't going past the 2nd round. He got split to the white meat and choked out and I told people, "Second round pimpin, second round." I think I was 7 of 8. I couldn't believe that Josh Koscheck was throwing kicks. Not that they were pretty or anything, but you have to give credit when you have an NCAA wrestler throwing kicks. That's the only one that I was wrong on. Everybody else, I was dead square on.

PC: Do you think anybody in the UFC at 185 pounds can beat Anderson Silva?

SC: Fuck no! They better leave that man alone. They need to just let him retire out of the UFC undefeated because all of the other middleweights are incomplete. I keep telling people that this cat is a world-class Jiu-Jitsu guy and a world-class kickboxer. They didn't want to listen to me, but I try to tell them. Some people just don't want to believe fat meat greasy. They just hate to know that there are chocolate chips in the vanilla batter. It's going to be like that for a long time because they got that diet private that's going to fight Quinton. Man, he can't bust a grape in a food fight if he had hammers in his hand.

PC: How many times are we going to see Mr. International fight this year?

SC: I'm going to snatch crown after crown in big cities and small towns as long as they allow me to participate and I can't wait. As long as I don't get hurt, I'm going to put in work. I'm talking about doing stuff so strange that people not even going to understand. They going to call me deranged. Here's the grand plan for '08 since everybody can't wait. What I'm going to do, since I can't fight in the UFC because you know I've been fired by Dana...what I'm going to do is fight in every other organization. I'm going to win belts in every other organization. I'm going to go on a gathering spree. I'm going to consider it a blessing that I'm not messing with them too. I'm going to win about 8 more belts and then I'm going to walk away and keep filming movies. That's what I'm doing, filming movies.

PC: I could tell you something else you were right on too; Mir beating Brock Lesnar.

SC: Dude, people won't listen to me. That boy ain't going to bust a grape even if he had hammers in his hands. You know they announced that he's fighting Mark Coleman.

PC: Yeah, I saw that.

SC: Mark's going to beat his ass. Now he has to fight somebody that's got muscles and fighting experience. They should've put him in a couple of little feeder programs. Honestly, let me make 207. All I need to do is not be able to make light heavyweight. I will beat Brock Lesnar up and people think I'm nuts for saying that, but it's the truth. They need to get that boy fighting experience before he gets up in that big Octagon. Honestly, those nerves were messing with him. I don't care how many pro wrestling events he's been in or that's he a 4-time NCAA wrestling champion. It's a whole different animal man when you realize this shit is real. I feel bad for Dan Henderson because I love Dan, but you don't put guys in back-to-back world title fights, especially if the guy has to cut weight. If they would've had him fight a couple of fights after Quinton, I think he would've did a lot better. I'm not saying he would've won, but he would've did a lot better. People may get mad at me, but I don't give a damn. Last time I did an interview with you, I got my contract cut.

PC: No shit, don't remind me.

SC: Shit happens. I'm not a company man. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

PC: Well, that's how it's supposed to be though Shonie.

SC: That's right. I was at the Arnold Classic and the chair person, Toki Hill, wanted me to present Dana with a certificate of appreciation for his participation with the Arnold Classic. I was going to do it and they gave me the certificate, but Dana had left so I presented it to the 2 UFC representatives that I saw. I would have done it with absolute professionalism if it was Dana. I know I say things that piss people off and Dana ain't no exception. Hell, I used to walk up to Dana on the reality show in my Speedo's dripping wet out of the shower. I'm sure Dana will hear about this interview and I want to say if I made you mad, my bad. Whatever. He needs to get over it. It's good for ratings shit.

PC: Dana is definitely a guy where it's his way or no way. I think that's why they're doing Arlovski the way they are right now.

SC: They treat him like a wet food stamp from what I understand. You know what, I'm like this...I feel like I'm trying to help you out by talking shit. Let's say you put this on the website that I want to box Dana. I won't back out. We can make it an international title for playas; MMA Pimpton title. We can do that and if you hear me backing out, you know that's my retirement because he paid me off good. I would box Dana and if they want to do this, I'm going to give him a little bit of the playbook. He can hire the best trainers and you know I'm a southpaw so work on that inside game because I got a 75 inch reach at 5'9". I have monkey arms. The only person longer than me is Georges St-Pierre and he got an inch on me in height. The rest of the welterweights around 68 and 69, but I have a 75 inch reach. Let's do this man. I want to box Dana White and we could do this shit on PPV. We can do it as a main event. Let's make it real sweet and let's do it inside the UFC cage. I'll put on weight. He walks around at 200. All I have to do is bench press and not do so much cardio. Let's go five 3-minute rounds with no headgear and I won't kickbox because that ain't fair. I have US titles in kickboxing. The only titles I don't have is in boxing and that's because Don King is afraid of me.

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