By Percy Crawford | March 14, 2008

In today's PimpMA lesson with Mr. International, Carter reveals that "a back-to-back molly whappin will shake a fighter's soul". You don't want to miss what he had to say as he talks about upcoming fights like Serra/St-Pierre as well as Franklin/Lutter and informs us that he's being inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Check out the advice he has for Ken Shamrock, who recently suffered his fifth loss in a row, and his thoughts on Quinton Jackson, "Mayhem" Miller, Fedor, Anderson Silva, Matt Lindland, Heath Herring and much more.

PC: Here we go in week 2 of PimpMA. I want to get your opinion on some fights as well as some hypothetical questions.

SC: Let's do this.

PC: Who do you like in the St-Pierre/Serra fight?

SC: That's a good one, but I can't see Serra beating him twice. If it stays on the feet, Serra is in trouble.

PC: What do you think of Anderson Silva having to defend his title in Ohio against Ohio native Rich Franklin and now Matt Serra having to go to Canada to defend his title against St-Pierre?

SC: Honestly, they didn't want Anderson to have that belt and they don't want Serra to have that belt. Georges on the cover of magazines trying to make him the next Wheaties box athlete and I love Georges. I have nothing personal against Georges. They wanted the boy-next-door Hoover athlete to be the champion and that's what Georges is; they didn't want Serra to have that belt. I'm not exactly sure 100%, but I think he's the only…I know he's the shortest, but I think he's the only under .500 UFC champion ever. Anderson Silva…that was just a damn shame. As far as the middleweight division goes, like I said in the previous interview, they are all IN-COM-PLETE! They're either world-class grapplers with no striking or vice versa. Unfortunately, that boy is world-class in both.

PC: Who do you like in the Lutter/Franklin fight?

SC: That's right! They are fighting. If Lutter could get him down, he has a chance, but… you know what, I'm going to still go with Lutter because Rich has been molly whapped back to back. That tends to fuck with a fighter, you know; it shakes your soul.

PC: You've been training with Frank Shamrock out there in California. What can we expect from him against Cung Le?

SC: Okay, I'm going to put it to you like this…when you're 5-0 and you're fighting against a guy that has 6 world title belts, that's not a good day at the office. Hopefully he's getting paid good and also has Maurice Smith in the camp now.

PC: Do you think it's time for Ken Shamrock to give it up?

SC: I finally saw that shit and quote me in saying, "Sit yo ass down and stop fighting." He can still work out, but go to the club and run young chicks; get on them cougars. Any woman, whether she's 21 or 51, whoever will have you in bed with them! Pimp that shit, stop fighting, do guess appearances, do some movies and do B movies.

PC: It wasn't a good look for Ken man.

SC: It wasn't a good look at all. I'm not knocking what he's done in the past, but he's no longer "The World's Most Dangerous Man." He's "Tough Tony" in the hood. I'm serious, if I'm 47 years old and I was built like that…I still don't have pecs like that and I've been pushing a lot. I get pecs, a flat stomach and lats, traps and abs like he do…I'm going to the club, the beach and wear as few clothes as possible and go hit on girls. He's married; that's fucked up. I would be walking around town in a kilt if I was built like that. Wait, I already do that shit. I would be wearing a shorter kilt.

PC: Shonie, if you were going in an alley to scrap with some dudes and you could pick 3 fighters all time from any era to go with you, who would you pick?

SC: I'm taking Quinton Jackson, "Mayhem" Miller and Wanderlei Silva.

PC: Why those 3 guys?

SC: "Mayhem" is a crazy ass white boy. I want to do a TV show with him.

PC: A little reality TV with "Mayhem" huh?

SC: Fuck yeah! I ain't even got to say nothing for wanting Quinton and I would take Anderson Silva, not Wanderlei. He's a lot more accurate. I'm all about efficiency. "Mayhem" looks like the "Slim Shady" that learned Jiu Jitsu. They would underestimate him. They would look at Quinton and say, "Fuck that. He going to monkey slam our ass." I'm the worst one because I got that atomic spin pimp slap shit. I'm the spin doctor. I'll still be rocking the suit while I'm doing it.

PC: What you think about Fedor possibly going to the UFC?

SC: I don't care because I'm sick of all these overpaid hyped up ass fighters coming from overseas and getting they ass kicked. Even pro wrestlers is jumping into the mix now and getting a sick amount of money and ain't going to bust a grape if they had 2 hammers in their hand. I just got called to talk about a certain wrestler going into submission grappling and you know I always get in trouble for talking shit. The first time we talked, I got my contract cut.

PC: You're not going to let me forget that.

SC: No, what it is, I tell the truth. When you give a guy a quarter of a million dollars to get his ankle twisted; fuck, I would've did that shit for half off. I would've gave them a pimp discount. I told them, when you get in that ring, you can fight and look good because you can cut corners off and cut the ring down. Your ass get in that cage, you ain't cutting shit off; you just gotta fucking fight. It's a huge difference. Everybody try to say Anderson was a PRIDE fighter. No, he was an unrestricted free agent, hired gun. Quinton Jackson…motherfuckers forgot he was in a cage called King of the Cage. He was adopted and baptized into a cage. All of these guys are coming over here and getting fucked up. You remember when that great big hype machine was saying that Cro Cop was going to come clean out the heavyweight division? He was 1-2 and through and got his leg folded all up under him and got hit with his own shit. He lost a bullshit fight with Kongo and beat a puppy with Eddie Sanchez; 1-2 and through. If Eddie Sanchez would've fought him like a man and said fuck that mystique shit, he would've beat him. He didn't look bad against him. Shogun got choked out by Forrest Griffin, who don't even grapple. Heath Herring fought Cheick Kongo and I was yawning. I like Heath, but Heath, don't get mad at me if you read this interview. Don't be coming looking for me. I'll have my woman kick your ass. I have strong women in my posse; go to my myspace page.

PC: If you could fight any guy right now, who would you fight?

SC: I would like to fight Matt. Well, I was hoping I would get a chance to fight Matt before his ACL gets torn. I hope Georges don't kick him in the chest plate too hard. I usually don't get into that "who I would like to fight" stuff, but Matt Serra and I are the only ones deserving of a trilogy. That shit with Tito and Ken was bullshit. When you up 2-0 and 3-0, that's it.

PC: You've moved from Chi-Town to Cali I hear?

SC: Fuck yeah! Fuck that snow. I'm either in Louisiana or Cali. I'm supposed to be coming back down there to do a movie thing. I'm trying to hang out between Louisiana and California. Oh, I'm getting inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm going to New Jersey.

PC: Congrats my man!

SC: Thank you! I won't make it to the UFC Hall of Fame though. I won't hold my breath.

PC: Are you shocked with the amount of money Lesnar is making?

SC: Man, they paying that motherfucker all of that money and he ain't did shit.

PC: Who do you think is the best pound for pound fighter?

SC: I think Anderson Silva. I give Georges his due, he's number 2. I don't give Fedor shit because he's been fighting Hung Dun Min and Kim El Suk and all that shit. He fought a little Matt Lindland. I'm not knocking Matt because Matt is a badass. Boring as fuck, but he's good at what he do. I say Anderson Silva and Georges at number 2.

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