By Editor | June 06, 2008

FightHype staff predictions are in for this weekend's doubleheader as WBC jr. middleweight champion Vernon Forrest defends his title against Contender Season 1 winner Sergio Mora and WBO welterweight champion Carlos Quintana looks to repeat his dominating performance against former champion Paul Williams. Can Mora pull off the upset and prove that he's more than just a contender? Will Paul Williams avenge his only loss? Who will win? Who will lose? Get the answers to these questions and more in FightHype's staff predictions.


Ben "The Hype" Thompson - Forrest KO7
At some point, Mora will try to prove the doubters wrong by being brave...big mistake. With a straight right over the top, Forrest by devastating knockout. Now enough with these mismatches! Let's cross our fingers and hope that Forrest grabs the mic after the fight to say, "put the friendship aside...bring on Winky Wright!"

Percy "The Talent" Crawford - Forrest TKO6

Nick Sanchez - Forrest by Unanimous Decision
Vernon Forrest will outpoint Mora to a unanimous decision.

James Almonte - Forrest by KO
Forrest by KO somewhere in the middle rounds. Mora is just out of his league in this one and it will show.

Rob Abreu - Forrest TKO9
Mora will eventually decide to mix it up and that plan will backfire.

Sean Malone - Mora by Unanimous Decision
Mora is focused and his awkward style will cause the 37-year-old Forrest fits.

Charles Presnell - Forrest by TKO
Mora isn't and will never be on the same level as Forrest, even in this stage of Forrest's career.

Simon Ruvalcaba - Forrest by Unanimous Decision
A competitive fight, but Forrest is just a little better overall.

Joe DeMaria - Mora by Decision
Vernon Forrest is not the same fighter we once knew. He looks great, but that's because he has been in there against guys that cannot move. You can put me in the vast minority that thinks Mora gives him fits with his awkward style, handspeed, ring smarts and good legs. I expect a highly motivated Sergio Mora and an indifferent Vernon Forrest in this one and that will be apparent after a few rounds of Forrest loading up and not getting the Latin Snake out of there. No matter what, I expect this one to be close. Let's go with the upset here and take Mora by close decision.

Jack Plato - Forrest by Unanimous Decision
Despite the advancing age, Vernon gets the job done in a lackluster fight.

Will Lassalle - Forrest KO8
Mora is out of his league.

John Bell - Forrest by Unanimous Decision
116-112 or wider.
Joey "Titlebelt" Karash - Forrest by Unanimous Decision


Ben "The Hype" Thompson - Quintana by Unanimous Decision
Unless Williams has found someone to teach him some defense in the four months since their last fight, I don't see the outcome of the rematch being any different. Throwing punches in bunches is great when you have a stationary target, but Quintana has just enough movement to confuse the volume punching Williams and land the exact same combination he landed over and over and over again back in February. Quintana by unanimous decision as he outslicks Williams down the stretch.

Percy "The Talent" Crawford - Quintana by Unanimous Decision

Nick Sanchez - Williams by TKO
Look for The Punisher to get sweet revenge via late round stoppage.

James Almonte - Quintana by Unanimous Decision
I think Quintana will win a unanimous decision again this time around. The times that I have spoken to him, he made it clear that he wanted to prove that the first time he beat The Punisher wasn't a fluke. I think he will be in better shape than he was for the first fight and outbox Williams for the win.

Rob Abreu - Williams by Split Decision
Redemption for Williams. He's just too talented to lose to Quintana again.

Sean Malone - Williams by Unanimous Decision
I like Quintana, but I expect a focused P-Will to outwork the tough Puerto Rican. 

Charles Presnell - Quintana by Decision
Like the last time, Williams won't have any answers.

Simon Ruvalcaba - Quintana by Split Decision
Confidence soaring versus confidence broken is the difference to me.

Joe DeMaria - Williams by Decision
The first time around, I took Williams by decision, but felt as though he would look terrible in the process because Quintana's style is all wrong for him. I was half right. Give me the same call here, but I wouldn't recommend betting on it because I just do not like this fight for Williams, especially at 147. I'll take the Punisher anyway by close, ugly and possibly disputable decision.

Jack Plato - Quintana by Unanimous Decision
More convincing this time around. Carlos may have his number.

Will Lassalle - Quintana by Unanimous Decision
I see this being the same as the first fight.

John Bell - Draw
Draw or either guy by a point. I'm pulling for Quintana, but I just have a feeling that Paul takes this serious and at the end of the day, might be the more complete guy.

Joey "Titlebelt" Karash - Quintana by Split Decision

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