By Editor | July 25, 2008

Fans, if you missed the free chat session with MMA veteran Shonie Carter, check out the entire transcript to see what he had to say about his future plans and much more. "Of course they're going to force the UFC to pay their fighters more. The fighters are going to go where the grass is greener," he stated as he talked about the success of the recent Affliction card and answered several other interesting questions from the fans. Check it out! 

THEHYPE: would like to welcome Shonie Carter to tonight's chat session.

SHONIE CARTER: What's up FightHype?

kok: what up Mr.International


SHONIE CARTER: What the hell is up?

dangibbons: Shonie, what did you think about the Affliction card?

SHONIE CARTER: I want in. Let me show ya'll how to do the damn thing.

AKay: Shonie, I wanna lighten it up a little bit my question is have you ever had dreams of boning an R&B chick and if so who?

SHONIE CARTER: LOL. All of them!

SHONIE CARTER: Mariah Carey, but I think she's afraid of me.

mikerg: Who do you think will win out of fitch and gsp?

SHONIE CARTER: Of course I'm going with Georges. 2nd or 3rd round TKO!

muaythaifan: Hey Shonie, you got any comments about the whole Rampage situation? Have you ever seen any fighters just flip out like that before?

SHONIE CARTER: Fuck yeah! Me!

SHONIE CARTER: The cops just can't catch me on foot.

CroCopolopolis: Shonie, what do you think the chances are of Affliction being legit competition to the UFC? Do you think it will force the UFC to pay their fighters more?

SHONIE CARTER: Of course they're going to force the UFC to pay their fighters more. The fighters are going to go where the grass is greener.

SHONIE CARTER: Their first show was on PPV and they got ya'll to watch.

dangibbons: I'm keeping it light do I go about hanging out with Mr. International to learn to some good tips to pick up the ladies?

SHONIE CARTER: I have seminar fees and private lesson fees. My fees are very economical. If you want to hang out with me, you could meet me in Houston or Vegas this weekend.

mikerg: Do you think anyone can fuck with Anderson Silva?

SHONIE CARTER: No, not at all! He's a black plague! He's going to whoop that ass and take 2 belts.

SHONIE CARTER: I want to work out with Anderson Silva.

kok: Shonie,life after fighting, ever think of being a comedian? All of your interviews are entertaining

SHONIE CARTER: Hell yeah. I'm waiting on BET to call my black ass because I'm too controversial for CBS. I'm just waiting. Bernie Mac waited and I'm going to wait too.

SHONIE CARTER: We need to make Sunday Night Chats with Shonie. Women only get to ask questions!

muaythaifan: Any chance we might ever see you back with the UFC? I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind seeing another fight with Serra? What exactly happened with that? It seems like the UFC just cut you out of nowhere.

SHONIE CARTER: They don't like me man. I'm not a company man. I tend to say the wrong things. I challenged Dana White to a boxing match. I shouldn't be doing that. I hereby submit my formal apology so I can get on the Chicago card.

SHONIE CARTER: They dont even have to give me a title shot if I win 20 in a row. I just want to go in there and have fun and ruin other peoples afterparty.

ranbar: are you currently holding any belts right now in any other organizations and how many more you plan on getting

SHONIE CARTER: I plan on getting another 7 because I got 13. I need Elite XC, Strikeforce, X-1 and King of the Cage

SHONIE CARTER: There's too many World champions so I need all of them.

SHONIE CARTER: ALL OF 'EM. All of them. I dont even want the UFC championship. Just the rest of them.

CroCopolopolis: Hey Shonie, did you happen to see Anthony Johnson's fight with Burns? He clearly got poked in the eye and they ruled it a TKO for Burns. Do you think that was the right call? Do you think Burns was telling the truth about not being able to close his fist or do you think it was intentional?

SHONIE CARTER: Things happen. The way I look at it is if he pokes you in the eye, kick him in the nuts.

SHONIE CARTER: I would've went David Beckham on him.

dangibbons: What's up with the brothas getting a raw deal in the UFC? Is the fix in? Rampage loses a fight that he probably should've won. Anthony Johnson loses a fight due to a clear foul. What's up with that Shonie? I'm starting to believe your inner circle conspiracy.

SHONIE CARTER: Did you not see that movie "The Skulls"?

SHONIE CARTER: That's why they need me back in there. I'm the incognegro.

mikerg: If Serra and Hughes finally fight who do you think would win?

SHONIE CARTER: I dont know. They both got they asses whooped recently. If you put a gun to my head, I would probably say Serra.

SHONIE CARTER: Who am I? Just a man with 205 fights.

muaythaifan: I know Dana and the UFC isn't big on it, but what do you think about female mixed martial artists? Good? Bad? Sexy? LOL. Who's the hottest female mixed martial artist out there?

SHONIE CARTER: Male side, me! 2nd place to GSP! 3rd place to Anderson Silva. Female side, Gina Carano is 2nd place and the Grand Champion...Erin Toughill!

SHONIE CARTER: Gina better not ever get drunk and break up with her boyfriend in front of me.

SHONIE CARTER: With Erin, I would take all of those questionable drugs and have a grappling match!

SHONIE CARTER: Who is the best dressed?


kok: Besides ur upcoming fight is there anything in the works for Shonie Carter this year?

SHONIE CARTER: I'm doing a movie. I did one movie called "Hood Life" and I'm doing another one.

ranbar: who was your toughest person you fought so far... and what fight was your favorite (gotta be the spinning back fist?)

SHONIE CARTER: I got too many tough fights. I was probably fighting before you even knew what tough fights were. My favorite fight was George Olivera when I fought him in the WEC.

SHONIE CARTER: Not the spinning back fist.

CroCopolopolis: If you could put your skills to the test with anyone in the world right now, who would you like to fight?

SHONIE CARTER: Here we go. Anybody! I can't just name one of them. I'll fight them all.

SHONIE CARTER: I'll test my skills up against anybody as long as the promoter is writing a bunch of 9's on my check.

dangibbons: If you were in charge of the UFC right now, what, if anything, would you change to make the organization or the sport better?

SHONIE CARTER: I would put 2 cages on the same floor and have 2 fights going on at the same time.

SHONIE CARTER: I would make the fighters wear suits to the press conferences.

SHONIE CARTER: I would give out bonuses for "exciting" fight of the night and knockout of the night.

mikerg: How many hours do you train a day?

SHONIE CARTER: 6 hours a day. 2 times a day at 3 hours.

THEHYPE: would like to thank Shonie Carter for taking time out to chat with us tonight.

SHONIE CARTER: Somebody find my missing Speedos.

SHONIE CARTER: Let's have a contest to see who can come up with the best pair of Speedos.

SHONIE CARTER: The winner gets the Shonie Carter gift pack.

SHONIE CARTER: My underground fights before Kimbo even knew what it was. If they post it on this site, I will where them in my next PPV fight.

THEHYPE: LOL. Okay. We'll do that. Shonie's Speedo Contest. LOL.

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