The latest installment of the Life & Times of Jay Hieron is up on the Xtreme Couture blog.  This Volume takes us from his loss to Brad Blackburn last Summer all the way up to the present day and Jay's release from his IFL Contract. 

Just as in the previous 4 Volumes, Jay is brutally honest. He talks about his separation with his wife, turning to sports psychology and how it helped him, some of the IFL's bizarre business practices, sponsors who don't pay fighters and of course his run to becoming IFL champion which included his father's death two weeks before his title fight.

Here'sa snippet:

"It looked like I had a fight lined up for real good money and the IFL called up and said I couldn't do it. Then in the end of July Monte called me and told me the IFL got sold to UFC. IFL fighters' contracts are different from all other organization contracts because it was team based and had monthly salaries. A lot of guys from the IFL got released because they couldn't go with that contract into UFC, then got resigned by UFC. I finally got released and I'm getting offers right now, waiting to get the best offer and see what makes the most sense for my career."