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If you missed the chat session with undefeated up-and-coming MMA heavyweight and former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley, check out the entire transcript to see what he had to say. "I said I was going to go right at him so I'm going to go right at him! That's our plan. Some people like to go away from him, but I'm going to go toe-to-toe with him and see if he can stand it. I want to bang with him," he stated as he talked about his upcoming clash with Bob Sapp, the reason why he left the WWE to make the transition to MMA and much more.

thehype: FightHype would like to welcome Bobby Lashley to tonight's chat session

BOBBY LASHLEY: What's up FightHype?

kok: welcome Bobby

Romulus9: Thanks for dropping in, Bobby. Great to have you here.

BOBBY LASHLEY: Thanks for having me.

Romulus9: Great to see you jump into the MMA world.


jaz: Bob Sapp's a big guy. You recently said you were going to go right at him. Do you think that's wise? With your wrestling background, don't you think it would be better to get the fight to the ground?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I said I was going to go right at him so I'm going to go right at him! That's our plan. Some people like to go away from him, but I'm going to go toe-to-toe with him and see if he can stand it.

BOBBY LASHLEY: I want to bang with him!

KimboIced: What do you think are some of Sapp's strengths? Some things that you think you have to be careful of?

BOBBY LASHLEY: His size, of course, and his strength. He has long arms and probably that first minute or two of the match when he has all of his wind.

Romulus9: Obviously you're known from WWE. You want to make a statement that gets you away from that stigma in some way. What is going to help you most in that regard? Exciting style? Big wins? Both? Something else?

Romulus9: And what is your timetable like for getting to the top of the sport?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I think what helps me out the most is my appreciation for MMA. I'm building myself up before I jump into a big fight, so that I can be viewed as an accomplished fighter in the MMA world.

BOBBY LASHLEY: I would say about a year and a half from now.

fistofthundEER: Bobby I have seen all of Sapp's fights in MMA and K1. His cardio is suspect and he hates getting hit. He has little wrestling ability. If he doesnt clip you in the first minute his hands drop and his jaw gapes open taking deep breaths. Use the fake shoot-left hook on him like Randleman vs. CroCop and youll be on HL reels for the rest of your life!

BOBBY LASHLEY: Right on man.


BOBBY LASHLEY: Yes, yes and yes!

chaz1467: Hey Bobby Lashley! Big fan of yours! What is your goal after beating Bob Sapp? Also what you do you think about facing Brock Lesnar in the future? Will we see you in TNA again?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I think with any heavyweight fighter, Brock is at the top right now, so he is in my sights along with other top heavyweights. I will be in pro wrestling again

muaythaifan: Hey Bobby, you've won every way possible - stoppage, decision and submission. How do you think Bob Sapp will go down?

BOBBY LASHLEY: There is one way that I still haven't won and that is a straight knockout. That's what I'm shooting for. Not a TKO, but a straight KO.

winkster: Hey Bobby, do you think you're getting better experience and learning more by working your way up instead of signing with a big organization like the UFC?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I think I'm defintiely getting better the way I'm doing it. If you jump straight into the UFC, you don't have time to learn. You have to make it happen. You don't want to try out your Jiu Jitsu against Nog or Mir.

BOBBY LASHLEY: I think it's perfect the way I'm doing it because I'm learning and it's a process.

kok: Was the transition from pro wrestling to mma dificult and if you didn't come into the mma world would you still find yourself in pro wrestling?

BOBBY LASHLEY: The transition was difficult and not just coming from Pro Wrestling. It would be difficult for anyone because you have to learn every aspect of the game.

BOBBY LASHLEY: If it was just wrestling, I would be fine, but you have to learn boxing, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.

BOBBY LASHLEY: The fans! I'm a people person so I love being in front of the fans and perfoming in front of the fans.

grimey: What has been the most difficult element of MMA to pick up? Boxing, BJJ or something else?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I really dont think anything is difficult. I think the standup boxing game has more to learn. I have a wrestling background so the Jiu Jitsu is coming, I don't want to say easy, but easier. I love to box though. I really enjoy it.

BrockLesnar: Is it frustrating to hear people make the comparisons of you to Brock Lesnar?

BOBBY LASHLEY: No because we both have the same vision of being a champion. He just did it a little quicker than I did.

gwill: In most organizations, including the UFC, the heavyweight divisions are lacking any real superstars. Do you feel any outside pressure to really step your level of competition up in order to get sign with a UFC or a Strikeforce sooner rather than later?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I don't agree with that comment at all. In the UFC, you have Lesnar, Mir, Nog, Valasqez and Congo. In Affliction, you have Fedor, who is regarded as the greatest, Yvel, Barnett and Strikeforce is just getting started up, but they have Overeem. I don't agree with that.

BigPoppaPump: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers growing up?


BOBBY LASHLEY: I had so many.

BOBBY LASHLEY: I loved Roddy Piper, Mr. Perfect, of course Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and Booker T!

MikeManiscalco: Hey Bobby, I respect what your doing out there by getting wins under your belt before competing in the UFC..what are your thoughts on Bob Sapp's Performance Tuesday?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I think it was a bad perfomance. I know he was not happy with it. I think it was an eye-opener for him.

BOBBY LASHLEY: He usally smashes guys in Japan and he didn't.

jaz: Please sign with the UFC soon so we can see the dream matchup between you and Brock. Who do you like in the rematch between Lesnar and Mir?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I'd rather not say.

BOBBY LASHLEY: I thnik it will be a great fight for the fans. I know Frank is ready. I've talked to him personally. I know Brock is training hard. The fans will get their monies worth in this fight.

KimboIced: What happened at that press conference with Guida? What did he say that got you worked up to the point where you wanted to grab him?

BOBBY LASHLEY: He kept saying that I was just a pro wrestler.

Romulus9: We all remember that a fight with Ken Shamrock fell through earlier this year. If possible, even overseas, is that a fight you'd still like to have on your ledger or have you moved on? Are there other "names" you're interested in?

BOBBY LASHLEY: Yes, I would defintiely like to have that fight if it was able to go down. Everyone in the heavyweight ranking is on my scope.

fistofthundEER: Bobby who are you currently camping with to get ready for your next fight?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I do cross training in Denver and ATT in Cocunut Creek.

chaz1467: What do you think of Kurt Angle possibly entering MMA? Do you think he can make the transition from pro wrestler to mma fighter?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I would love for him to do it, but I don't know if that's his desire right now. Kurt's making movies now and he's doing real well with wrestling, so I dont know if he has the desire to fight.

kok: Is there any one in pro wrestling in your opinion, that could make the crossover like yourself and Lesnar have done? And if so who?

BOBBY LASHLEY: Right now, I think Shelton Benjamin. He's an athlete who could learn the skill.

BOBBY LASHLEY: For the lightweight division, I would love to see Jamie Noble.

muaythaifan: What's up with you and TNA? Are you going to be doing both MMA and pro-wrestling?

BOBBY LASHLEY: TNA really wants to work with me and they give me the opportunity to travel and train, so I may do TNA early in my career.

jcass10: I was just wondering why exactly you left WWE, I heard a lot of conflicting stories about why you left.

BOBBY LASHLEY: I believe there were people there that didn't want me there and they were able to use their power there and get me out. And I wanted to fight!

MikeManiscalco: Your submission victory over Mike Cook was very impressive, but when can we expect to see a flying armbar from you?    

BOBBY LASHLEY: LOL. I'm learning it all so if the case comes up, you never know.

thehype: FightHype would like to thank Bobby Lashley for taking time out to chat with us tonight

BOBBY LASHLEY: Thank you guys for having me and you can go to my website at!

MikeManiscalco: Thanks Bobby...Good Luck against Sapp and try to make it under 24 seconds!

Romulus9: Thanks Bobby. It's a pleasure to have you here. Hope you destroy Sapp! Best of luck and I hope you can join us again.



fistofthundEER: Thanks FightHype. Great chat and great experience!

fistofthundEER: FightHype > Sherdog all day long! Haha.

fistofthundEER: Thanks Hype.

fistofthundEER: I spoke with him! Awesome.

fistofthundEER: We just shot the bull about Denver and American Top Team. Wished him luck and we talked about the Sapp fight a bit. I was too pumped and a bit drunk...wish I coulda prepped a bit. Hahahaha.

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