There seems to be concern from numerous members of the sports industry. from writers, to reporters, even other athletes, regarding why I am concerned with random blood testing. Here is what I would like to explain for the world to understand.

My concern has never been with someone randomly checking me with regards to blood or urine. I volunteered immediately to have my urine tested anytime someone wanted to, all the way up to the time I am walking into the ring. It was later brought to my attention and the attention of my staff that you can not test for Synthetic Growth Hormone through urine. You could only detect Synthetic Growth Hormone through blood tests. Before all of this blood testing and demands from other  people I had never even heard of Synthetic Growth Hormone. I have never seen it before nor have I ever used it.

As I have stated before I have never used anabolic steroids nor do I even know what they look like.

My concern as a fighter is that there should be some limitations and agreements on how much blood they can take from someone prior to a fight. My other concern is how close to the actual fight itself can they take the blood. It is my opinion taking blood from a person can weaken you. I do not want to be in a weakened state when I enter the ring against any fighter.

I view using steroids, synthetic growth hormone, or any other illegal or banned substance as cheating. I would never cheat this sport that I love. I would never cheat the legacies of the great champions I have been blessed to challenge. I would never do anything to cheat such great champions as Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, all of the Mexican Warriors that I have been blessed to go into the ring and do battle with. I believe all of these men to have great honor for boxing, for their country, and for themselves. They are heroes to me. These are people I have great respect for.

There would be no way I would ever cheat them out of what they deserve.