By Andrew Palmer | May 12, 2011

"I would say Timothy Bradley is the best fighter at 140 pounds. He gives one hundred percent every time he steps in the ring. I might have said he is my favorite current fighter if he were not in my weight class," remarked up-and-coming jr. welterweight Jared "The Quite Storm" Robinson, who talks about his future plans in his quest to become a world champion. Check out what he had to say.

AP: Hey Jared! I hope all is going well! I just wanted to take a few minutes to ask you some questions about yourself and get your take on a few things going on in the boxing world right now. So tell me Jared, when did you first become interested in boxing?

JR: I became interested in boxing when I was 12 or 13 years old. I remember watching Ali on ESPN Classics and being compelled by his training and confidence. I also remember watching Friday Night Fights as I got older saying, "Oh!!!" to each punch a fighter would land and my younger brother would tell me, "Shut up and just watch, Jared!" I was so intrigued by each fighter's ability to take a punch and I wondered how anyone could just sit still and be quiet. "Did you see what just happened!?"

AP: So like most of us in the boxing world, you were turned on to the sport by watching a great fight on television. Ali and Friday Night Fights are a perfect place to start, that is for sure! Can you remember the first time you laced up the gloves?

JR: I actually first entered the boxing gym in November 2001. I had my first boxing match in January 2002. I was a fast learner.

AP: Sounds like it. What made you decide to join the gym and start boxing?

JR: I started boxing because it looked like fun at the time. I never thought about the competition part until later.

AP: I know you have a pretty sound amateur background. Want to tell us a little bit about that?

JR: My amateur record was 49-19 with 11 KOs. I won four South Carolina State Golden Gloves Championships and four South Carolina State US Men's Championships. I was the 2008 Regional Men's Champion, the 2008 Bronze Medalist in the US Men's Nationals, a Bronze Medalist in 2008 PAL Nationals, and ultimately became ranked number two in the nation during 2008 and 2009, according to the USA Boxing rankings.

AP: Wow! That's a pretty impressive resume for what some would consider a bit of a late-comer to the sport. At what point during this time did you decide you wanted to become a professional fighter?

JR: Near the end of my amateur career, I thought more about becoming a professional fighter. Now I have affirmed myself to become successful.

AP: What made you decide to become a professional fighter?

JR: I became a professional fighter to fulfill a dream of becoming successful as a person, and I saw boxing as that vehicle. Boxing keeps me disciplined in my everyday life. Like my coach says, "Act like a pro inside and outside of the ring." I understood it was a way to inspire others to live their dreams as well.

AP: Good to hear. I too believe that boxing is an inspiration. What is your current professional record?

JR: I am 5-0 with 3 knockouts.

AP: Sounds like you are off to a good start with your career.  I'm always wondering what motivates guys like you to do what they do. What motivated you at the amateur level, what motivates you now as a professional, and what is the main difference between the two?

JR: My biggest motivation for winning my amateur fights was the feeling of self-accomplishment and personal development. Now, as a professional, my biggest motivation to win is my family and our future.

AP: That seems to be a common sentiment between all prizefighters. Do you have any fights coming up in the near future, and if so, when?

JR: No fights scheduled as of now. I predict the end of May or early June. I am staying in shape and anticipating my next opportunity.

AP: Good deal. What do you do outside the ring when you are not training?
JR: When I am not training, I am helping others lose fat and inches through my nutritional business and personal training business, Undefeated Fitness, LLC. The combination has been amazing. I have helped more than 15 people this year alone lose up to 18 pounds each in 11 days without dieting.

AP: Ha! Nothing like a little self promotion. Sounds like a nice thing. It sure beats working a third shift job like some up-and-coming fighters are known for.  Let me ask you this, if you were to describe your style as two different fighters combined, who would they be and why?

JR: If I were to describe my style between two fighters, I would say Sugar Ray Robinson for my repetitive jab and devastating left hook, and Jeremy Bryan, my "brother from another mother", for teaching me by firsthand experience...body punching!

AP: I heard that! Better you than me! That's the best, but hardest way to learn. What would you say your best asset is in the ring?
JR: I would say my best asset is my conditioning and my coach. I run very hard. I run sprint intervals three times a week and I run endurance three times a week. My best time in a three-mile run is 18:26. Also, I am coached by James Pressley at Dyme Boxing and Fitness in Charlotte, North Carolina. Coach James is something of a boxing genius. What I have learned from his coaching principles is priceless.

AP: Right on. Conditioning and a good trainer are very important. Tell me this, who is your favorite fighter of all time?

JR: My favorite fighter of all time would have to be Ali for his wisdom, skill, and his contribution to the sport. He paved the way for many.

AP: I agreed. The guy is a legend and transcended the sport. How about your favorite current fighter?

JR: My favorite current fighter would be Andre Ward. He is a very skilled fighter, he has the ability to fight out of either stance and always come to fight.

AP: Right on! He is actually my current favorite fighter too. He has all the qualities of a real champion. Plus, Andre and I both have the exact same birthday. I think he will be around for a while to come. You know, you are campaigning in a stacked division. Let's talk about that a little bit. Who do you think the best fighter in the division is?

JR: I would say Timothy Bradley is the best fighter at 140 pounds. He gives one hundred percent every time he steps in the ring. I might have said he is my favorite current fighter if he were not in my weight class.

AP: Yea, Bradley is a beast, that is for sure. He seems like a great dude too. He came out and handled business against Alexander back in January. It looked like him and Khan would be battling for the true championship of the division, but who knows now. Who do you think would win?

JR: I would go with Bradley. Khan is fast, but Bradley is too strong, too determined, and too focused.

AP: That's going to be a great fight. I hope it happens some time soon. You know Zab Judah is back at 140. What do you think about that?

JR: Zab back at 140 is good. It makes for great matches in the future; Zab/Bradley, Zab/Maidana, Zab/Alexander.

AP: I think so too. He is still seems to have it. Those are all great match-ups, although I could pass on Judah/Alexander. Two southpaws like those cats could get strange. So it's such a big topic in the boxing world that I must ask...say that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao actually do find themselves in the same ring together, who wins?

JR: Mayweather wins off of pure skill: footwork, speed, and defense.

AP: I see it going that way too. I think his defensive skills and counter punching would be something that Pacquiao has never come close to dealing with before. So, I have one final question for you. What do you think the most important characteristic of being a champion is?

JR: Belief. Believing is seeing.

AP: Spoken wisely my friend. Well Jared, it's been a real pleasure doing the interview. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. I know you are a busy guy. I wish you luck with your future and look forward to seeing you do some great things both in and outside of the ring. Before I go, is there anything you would like to say to the readers over at FightHype?

JR: Watch out for Jared Robinson "The Quiet Storm". Coming to a TV near you.

AP: Right on! We look forward to it. Thanks again for your time. Enjoy the rest of your day.

On The Radar: Upcoming Prospect Jared Robinson

Name: Jared "The Quiet Storm" Robinson

Professional Record: 5-0 (3 KO's)

Hometown: Sumter, SC

Gym: Dyme Boxing and Fitness, Charlotte, NC

Current Division: Junior Welterweight

Pro Since:  August 2009

Stance: Orthodox

Amateur Credentials: 49-19  (11 KO's)

  • 4X South Carolina Golden Glove State Champion
  • 4X South Carolina State US Men's Champion
  • 2008 Regional Men's Champion
  • 2008 Bronze Medalist in US Men's National
  • 2008 Bronze Medalist PAL Nationals
  • Ranked #2 in Light Welterweight Division by USA Boxing in 2008/2009

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